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What to check when the application is made?

To avoid rejection of an application for a name and in order to facilitate its rapid processing, the applicant must pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The applicant is eligible for assignment of the name and the requested name is assignable (cf. conditions for the registration);
  • If the applicant is a sole proprietorship, care must be taken to provide the full name of the applicant according to the entry in the Commercial Register;
  • The company identification number (UID) which is provided corresponds to the applicant for the name (verification in the UID register;
  • There is an objective relationship between the applicant and the requested name. If this objective relationship is not evident (e.g. when it is not the applicant's name or the name of a trade mark which the applicant owns), explanations must be included in the application. The registrar can use the “Intended use” field to send this information to the registry. You can also send this information directly to the registry by email ( So that the objective relationship between the applicant and the requested name can be ascertained, the application must not be made in the name of a third company or an intermediate provider (e.g. a web agency or marketing agency).

What are the costs of a .swiss domain name?

Prices are subject to market forces and are set by the registrars and the resellers. Please contact your registrar or reseller in order to determine the costs that you will be charged. Current market prices vary between approximately CHF 100.00 and CHF 170.00.

The assignment of domain names corresponding to or related to names of a generic character (e.g. hotel, taxi, lawyer) is subject to special conditions.  

Who to contact to register a .swiss domain name?

To register a .swiss domain name, it is advisable to contact one of the accredited registrars or one of the resellers in the lists below.

OFCOM does not directly carry out registration of a domain name.

List of registrars

List of resellers

Last modification 20.12.2023

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