This service enables you to determine whether the domain name that you want is still free.

Conditions for the registration and the registration process

Conditions for obtaining a .swiss domain name.

Conditions for generic names

For domain names that match indicators with generic character or which are similar to such and which are of particular interest for the entire Swiss community or a section thereof (e.g. hotel, taxi, lawyer), special conditions apply.

Register your .swiss

The costs.

List of accredited registrars to whom you can apply for a .swiss domain name.

If your application is rejected

Reason for rejection of an application.
Useful information for submitting a new application which meets the assignment conditions.

List of registration applications

The registry publishes the list of names for which a registration application has been submitted and which are being assessed for 20 days. During this period, other applicants may apply for the same name. Furthermore, any issues in relation to the submitted registration application can be reported to the registry.