.swiss focuses on its roots

  • ".swiss" is the new domain which is much more than simply an internet address: it highlights your provenance on the internet.
  • It is exclusively available to organisations which have a relationship with Switzerland. The Federal Government checks applications for ".swiss".
  • Organisations will benefit from the reputation of Switzerland on the internet. The provenance of their products and services are visible at a glance.

If it is Swiss on the inside, it should say .swiss on the outside. 


".swiss gives the cultural institution KKL Luzern a window to the world."

Hans E. Koch, CEO KKL Lucerne

This website provides complete information about the new internet domain .swiss.

How you become .swiss

  • Conditions for the registration of a .swiss domain name;
  • An overview of domain names which have not yet been allocated (whois service);
  • A list of registrars from whom you can request the registration of a .swiss domain name.
  • All requests for a .swiss domain name, which feature the possibility of submitting a registration request for the same domain name within 20 days or submitting an objection.

General information about .swiss

  • Information about dispute resolution in relation to use of a domain name;
  • A contact to whom abuse can be reported;
  • The legal basis;
  • Texts describing management of the .swiss domain (policies);
  • All newsletters and a newsletter subscription form;
  • OFCOM media releases in relation to .swiss;
  • opinions about .swiss.

Information for registrars

  • The conditions for becoming a registrar in order to be able to resell .swiss domain names;
  • The procedure to follow in order to become a registrar;
  • Useful documentation for registrars.