This service enables you to determine if the domain name that you want is still free.

The whois service makes it also possible to determine if the application is being processed and if the domain name has been assigned.

Under "Object type", select "Registration application" to determine if the application is being processed or "Domain name" to check if the name has been assigned. Then enter the full domain name including the .swiss extension under "Search term".

The whois service also provides the name of the applicant or of the holder of the name.

When a domain name is applied for by multiple applicants, the whois service provides information relating to all applications.

However, some personal data relating to the applicant or holder of a .swiss domain name is not provided by the whois service.

The .swiss registry communicates this information only on request and in so far as the applicant can justify a legitimate interest in obtaining data which pertains to the basic freedoms and rights of the applicant or holder of a .swiss domain name in accordance with the federal Data Protection Act (DPA - CC 235.1 https://www.admin.ch/opc/en/classified-compilation/19920153/index.html).

To obtain the non-public personal data of an applicant or holder of a .swiss domain name, please submit a request, including the following information, which must be sent to the registry's address: domainnames@bakom.admin.ch:

  • name, precise address and country in which the applicant is based, including the name of a responsible person when the request originates from a legal entity;
  • a clear and detailed justification of the legitimate interest in obtaining the desired personal data, including any supporting documentation;
  • the .swiss domain name for which you wish to obtain the personal data;
  • a list of the desired personal data;
  • a precise and exhaustive description of the intended use of the data/purpose of the data processing;
  • confirmation that the data will be processed only within the framework of the intended use/purpose and that it will in no case be transmitted to a third party.

Last modification 23.08.2023

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